We already know that Google loves links, and that links come with great content.  Bloggers, news sites and webmasters reward a site with inbound links once the site is worthy of that attention.  This is why great content is and shall remain the heart of all SEO, and the surest way to raise your search rankings and profile across the Web.

Now, there are two ways to do this.  The first is to create optimized SEO content that earns a permanent home on your site — lasting, useful articles designed specifically to win certain search queries.  Google loves specificity, so these highly optimized content pages become what are called "landing pages" for popular searches.  This means that they rank highly when someone types that query into the Google home page.  As people link to these pages over time, they also become permanent signposts of what your site is about — and proof that you are an expert on that subject.

SEO Blogging Matters

But there is another half of the equation that is often even more effective: SEO blogging.  Because blogs are constantly refreshed, they attract a steady stream of inbound links.  And because they are generally less formal than permanent pages, they offer a chance to stretch your legs and provide your readers with a wide variety of compelling content — great resources, fascinating media, personal stories, and expert commentary.  SEO blogs are completely different from permanent content because they reward novelty, topicality, and freshness.  The benefits can be extraordinary — a well-written blog can easily earn you tens of thousands of visitors a day.

Of course, your blog must be worthy of all that attention.  It needs a perspective and a point of view, and it must constantly engage the latest news and ideas.  Get this mix of style and substance right, and you could find that one or several posts even go viral, earning millions of hits in a matter of hours.  And if you keep at this effort consistently, you will soon establish yourself as a "thought leader" in your industry, making your site a go-to resource for customers and colleagues alike.

A Question of Volume

The problem is that blogging takes time.  A lot of it.

That’s why many business owners outsource their blogs to SEO professionals. An effective ghost blog service will take the time to understand your business intimately.  Like so many other dimensions of SEO, ghostblogging requires a particular mix of research, insight, and wit.  Get it right and your site can quickly become the kind of national resource that people return to time and again.

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