People often ask us what the difference is between SEO website design and conventional web design.  Both give you a beautiful layout, a clean aesthetic, lots of compelling content, and a lucid, easy-to-grasp architecture.  Both let you extend your brand and make a splash on the crowded World Wide Web.

So what's the difference?  Simply put, when a site is designed from the ground up with an eye toward optimization, you can be certain that it will impress a second target audience: the search engines.

Optics vs. Optimization

Much of what goes into SEO design happens behind the scenes.  Google and its search brethren favor sites that are fast-loading, easy to crawl and easy to decipher.  An experienced optimizer does all the research necessary to include the little details that can help your rank — Meta title tags, URL suffixes, streamlined CSS code, and proper page structure.  Most of this work is invisible to your customers, as it should be.  But it's in there, and it makes a big difference.

The Content Connection

But there is more to SEO website design than clean code and a great layout. The real key to lasting growth is SEO content.  This content can take any number of forms: product descriptions, service walk-throughs, general resources, fascinating media, even a blog.  People love content, and the search engines love anything that The People have voted on with inbound links.

Design and Trust

SEO website design is where all the tenets of optimization and conversion dovetail.  Winning the affection of people and winning the affection of the search engines are essentially one and the same.  There is no separating great design from effective SEO.

Want to learn more about SEO website design?  Let the experts of Breakthrough Content show you how.