Let's suppose that by now, you are convinced about the value of SEO copywriting.  You'd like to add more pages to your site, streamline its design, and optimize it for some ideal keywords.  What now?  You may be wondering if adding five articles is enough?  Ten?  A hundred?  Just what does it take these days to make yourself heard?

SEO Articles: When More is Better

Most people in the SEO content community would agree that generally speaking, more content is better.  Put yourself in the search engines' shoes for a moment: say you are comparing two sites about billiards products.  Both sell essentially the same items.  Both are well-designed, bright and appealing.  But Site A is only ten pages long, while Site B is a hundred.  Site A does a serviceable job of describing things like table size, cue weight, and accessories.  But Site B goes into far more depth about details like the different grades of cloth, the various advantages of wood inlays, and the merits of genuine Italian slate.  Which site would you decide is more valuable?

Be a Resource

SEO articles give your site value by making it a true resource for your customers.  No matter what your industry, targeted SEO articles offer a great way to provide real value across the board.  That value manifests in two ways:

  1. Search engines love relevant information, and as a consequence they bump up your rank.
  2. Actual human beings sit up and take notice of the excellent writing on your site, and soon you begin to earn more coveted inbound links as well.

SEO content is just another word for value: by adding smart, entertaining SEO articles to your site, you can expand its usefulness.  The more information you provide, the more likely you are to become a true portal: one-stop-shopping for all things billiards — or whatever.  More is better.

Okay, But How Much More?

That depends.  Effective search engine optimization relies on a number of metrics, and the big question is how competitive your SEO keywords are.  Some industries need only a dozen articles or so to leap to the front of the search results.  Others are significantly more competitive, and may require a sustained effort to grow the site and gain value over time.  It is easier to top the rankings for "pumpkin-spiced vinegar" than it is for "debt reduction."  But both are possible.

An experienced SEO copywriter can help you zero in on sweet-spot terms that are popular enough to draw real traffic, but not so competitive that you'll never make a dent in search engine results.  These middle terms, sometimes called the “long tail,” offer a great opportunity to pull in valuable customers at a reasonable rate.  SEO articles aimed at this sweet spot represent your best chance for strong and sustained results.

Get Started Now

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