The wood glows as the scent of fresh cedar fills the room.  Sunlight slips behind the hills as you pad outside onto the heated patio for a starlit panorama set against the vines of a valley lush with life.  When it’s time to retire, one turn of a knob fills the sunken tub, and steam rises to the rafters.  This is wine country.

When you visit Napa Valley, you expect a little more.  This is, after all, the cradle of American winemaking, our paean to the traditions, craft and artisanal passion of a bygone era.  No other place in California offers quite so much beauty to soothe your soul.  At Carneros Inn, we offer you an experience that is equal to the surroundings.

Our guests tell us they dream of these visits throughout the year, and we understand why.  Everything is within reach here, from rustic limestone and Brazilian cherry-wood floors to blazing Ethernet and flat-panel television.  Carneros is nothing less than a haven in the valley.  Go ahead, indulge yourself.


If your business already relies on electronic data interchange to communicate with clients and partners, you are likely aware just how many avenues exist.  At EasyLink, we make it easy to get all the information you need with superior uptime and broadband speed — far better than the kind of glacial FTP protocols companies used just a few short years ago.  Add in fast migration services and simple software and it’s no wonder EDI implementation remains one of our most popular solutions.

The good news: much of the process is handled automatically.  EasyLink has long distinguished itself with integrated data streams that offer a variety of database formats and document types, offering clients large and small OCR character recognition in our Fax-To-EDI services and fast supply-chain reporting throughout the system.  You can even handle thousands of forms a day and translate each into whatever proprietary format you most desire.


We live in an age when kids travel more often by car than ever before.  The days of a simple commute to and from school have given way to countless extracurricular activities, and skyrocketing airline prices mean the classic American road trip isn’t going anywhere for a while.  Into this atmosphere of frequent transit comes a new kind of product: the KidKase, modern design’s answer to the problem of boredom in motion.

What makes the KidKase special is that it offers far more than a simple playing surface.  One look at the product and you get a sense of what it’s all about: organized, portable fun that goes anywhere with ease.  With countless storage options, drink holders and even an optional lamp for night play, the KidKase is designed to grow with your child and cover countless trips in an appealing and lightweight package.


Maya White is an essayist, editor and freelance copywriter who believes in doing well by doing good.  She came to us with a simple request – to craft from her many literary gifts a design as elegant as it was concise.  She wanted a distinctive calling card that emphasized her twin passions: beauty and the written word.

Here is what we developed for Maya.  It is a tactile card that arrests the senses with its unusual geometry and double letter-pressed forms.  Maya’s corporate focus meant the card needed a sense of decorum, but it also sings with personal touches — the superhero coloring connoting an editor who can save the day, the interlocked ampersands that fuse to create a floral border.  And the Twain quote speaks volumes about Maya’s character and integrity – a whimsical nod to the power of specificity.


Residential and commercial mortgage fraud is a rapidly growing problem — one that can quickly grind the financial solvency of any business to a halt.  Today this issue affects a broad range of companies and individuals, laying minefields that require experienced counsel to navigate.  The mortgage fraud attorneys of Donovan & Donovan, LLC have spent many years resolving such cases in state and federal court, assisting along the way in a broad array of governmental investigations on criminal matters.  Today there is no more comprehensive approach to the special legal circumstances mortgage fraud presents.

Mortgage fraud comes in countless forms nowadays, from equity skimming to inflated appraisals and silent seconds — a full complement of creative malfeasance.  At Donovan & Donovan, LLC, we take pride in an approach that is as thorough as it is incisive, generating independent research and filing timely documents on your behalf.  We prevent fraud and limit your exposure by vigorously pursuing every avenue of recovery, including fidelity bonds, commercial crime bonds, title insurance and professional malpractice insurance.  The result is an exceptional track record of resolution on behalf of mortgage lenders coast to coast.


High above Peachtree, nestled between steel and glass hi-rises, visitors find something special: a white, low-slung building that houses some of Atlanta’s most discriminating travelers.  The lobby soars with fashion-forward design, all layered in teal and slate with elegantly curving seats.  This is a place where business types and couples go for a quiet slice of the good life.

That doesn’t mean the Hyatt Regency can’t throw a fete, however.  At 29,000 square feet, the city’s largest ballroom awaits inside.  One breath-stealing look at the décor and you’ll see why so many companies gather here: the room is pure industrial deco, with curving aqua chandeliers and bright wooden pillars set into masculine geometries.  Even the baffling comes in jewel tones that wrap the space in style.

Evenings mean food, and the Regency does it better than just about anyone else.  Try the explosive seafood at Avanzare, home to a dancing 1,800 gallon saltwater tank.  Or head on down to Parasol for Atlanta’s biggest collection of unusual spirits — over 200 in all, jiggered and garnished by a sexy duo of bartenders.